Wild Goose Qigong Canada


Traditional Chinese exercise for health



Wild Goose Qigong

  • gentle movement
  • brings physical and mental balance
  • releases old stale energy (Qi)
  • develops our spiritual Qi
  • heals illness and relieves stress
  • strengthens our immune system
  • good for our internal organs
  • 1800 year old skill

Chun Yuen Quan

  • dynamic martial arts movement for health
  • brings up energy levels
  • loosens our joints
  • improves flexibility and circulation
  • strengthens our bones
  • develops focus
  • opens our energy channels

Learn Wild Goose QIGONG
and Northern Shaolin
with Lee Masters

Passed down to me through lineage by
Master Michael Tse of the Tse Qigong Centre



2009 Wild Goose Qigong Centre